Friday, 14 September 2018

What happened on 14 September


Today, I don't have anything to do. Just what makes me write this blog today because my English teacher has given homework to my classmates to tell about our activities that we have done today in the blog. Anyone who has no blog, they can tell their story on Instagram story, Facebook or Whatsapp status.

So, today I have a fitness test with my five of my classmates. I am really tired. Well, I forgot to practise. After we've done the fitness test, we have classes with my English teachers. This time my English teacher gave me an assignment to tell a story for today at my blog. So, yeah actually I'm a bit lazy to open my blog but because of this task, I need to do it as well. Whatever. After English subject time  has finish. I went to the canteen to rest and eat before the science class began. But unfortunately,  Muallim Razimah is absent. So we learned Tafsir with Muallim Hazim, but many students have slept. What to do? all my classes are sleepy. After the subject of Tafsir, it's the subject of the Malay language. Suddenly, I fell asleep. Last night I was sleeping at 4 o'clock. I was very sleepy, and then we go to prayer , eat and listen to the talk during PB [banat program]. During the mentoring, the bkp [ Badan Kepimpinan Pelajar ] has been planning a program for all students. The activity was a bit fun. We need to make short film about our teachers. The title is 'love my teacher' or 'sayangi murobbiku'. I'm really excited. We make the short film together. I'm really happy because my classmates have worked together very well. So that's the only activity that I've done today.  When I'm back home, I want to do my homework. I am very tired today. I have a lot of homework. . See you later. Wait for the next update, Bye!